Miracles of the Holy Fathers of Pantokrator Tao

Only an indicative part of the numerous miracles of the Holy Fathers of Pantokrator Tao, are presented below.


"...God's will surpasses the order of nature"

Our family got to know the Monastery and the Holy Fathers from a family friend who first visited the Monastery two years ago. We are all from Cyprus. Although we are from very far, at a time of trial-dilemma- in our lives, we annihilated all distances and travelled to the Holy Fathers.

God had already given us two children. Maria, the first was born well and healthy, but the second, Andrew, was born with Down Syndrome. We accepted God's will and willingly carried our cross as a means for the salvation of our souls. Once again I was expecting the third child. The minute we knew my wife was pregnant we rushed to the doctors for a prenatal testing. Based on the results, three acclaimed doctors confirmed that the child had 99.99% chances for it to be born with Down Syndrome and so had to be aborted immediately.

We were faced with the biggest dilemma in our lives. Without regarding time, money, or effort, we packed our things, the whole family, and left Cyprus. The moment we arrived at Athens we headed for the Monastery. We fell in front of the Holy Relics of the Holy Fathers and cried with all our might. We even pleaded with the Holy Gerontissa Styliani to allow us to stay at the Monastery so that we could pray with the Sisterhood, in the hope that the Lord would show mercy upon us.

And indeed, Gerontissa accepted us with much love and kindness and hosted us at the Monastery. Each day was filled with prayer, Holy Liturgy, Paraklisis, and tears! On the day we were about to leave, my wife's faith got shaken and wondered if the miracle was going to happen after all.

But, thankfully Gerontissa spoke to her. Gerontissa has such complete faith and trust upon the Lord and his Saints that she convinced my wife to await with trust God's response to their problem.

Returning to our hometown was not an easy one. We were faced with the disapproval of our stance from friends and relatives. We continued to pray, to shed tears of pain, and to live in agony. But, during these trying times we gained courage from the prayers of Gerontissa and the Sisterhood.  And that is how the time went by.

When the time arrived, to everyone's surprise, my wife gave birth to a beautiful and healthy little girl. This was to prove that 'God's will surpasses the order of nature' and that 'where there is faith, anything is possible'.

As a means of expressing both our joy and gratitude, we recently baptized our child and named her after the venerable Gerontissa. We cannot wait to come in person to venerate the Holy Fathers to show our deepest gratitude to them.

May God keep you well and give you strength to continue helping people, for your existence is of great consolation to all of us.

Your blessings,

E. and A.G.



"... If God truly exists and if you truly are a Saint..."

My name is T.A. and I frequently visit the Monastery to gain strength. I have a neighbour, whom I have known for years, and not only is she a fanatic communist but also declares herself an atheist. In the beginning of summer, we met and she looked devastated. I offered to help in any way I could. And that is when she confided in me that her husband suffered from Birger disease due to his heavy smoking habit. From what I gathered, the arteries of his legs were blocked due to smoking and they had to be amputated them.

She started crying and soliloquizing: "A 50 year-old man will be bed-ridden for the rest of his life. He will go crazy, do you understand?" I grabbed the chance and told her that if she wills to believe that God exists and listens to our pleas and if she prays to Him, then anything is possible for God - as long as she believes this. At first, she looked at me strangely, but then asked me what she should do. I promised to take her to a place where if she prayed whole-heartedly then everything would change.

The very next day I brought her to your Monastery. We venerated the Holy Reliquary of the Holy Fathers, we lit a candle, prayed and gave her husband's name for prayer and left. I did not say a word to her out of delicacy. I let God and the Saints talk to her heart.

On July 2, she came to visit me at home and told me the following: "When you took me to the Monastery I had regretted going with you but felt ashamed to tell you to leave. And when you told me to venerate the Holy Relic I was full of disbelief and said: -'You who are in there, I do not know if you are alive and can hear me or even if you are a Saint, as they say... But if God truly exists and if you truly are a Saint, please make the doctors not cut my husband's legs from the very top...Is it not a shame? If they could amputate from this point, (which was from the mid- calf), so that he could put artificial support for him to be able to make a couple of steps and feel independent. "

"Just before the operation, I begged the doctor to reconsider the situation and he adamantly refused and told me that if I wanted my husband to live they had to cut his legs from the very top. Devastated, I shrunk into the seats outside the surgical waiting room. When it was all over, the doctor came out with dismay and told me: "I cannot explain 'how' it happened but as we were preparing him for the operation we noticed that his legs' arteries were functioning right up to the mid-calves. So we did not amputate him from the top as we had planned". And he even showed me the point of amputation that I had requested the Saint you had taken me to. I was shocked and started crying.

From that moment on I blame myself. What a fool I was. Once in my life I prayed and did not ask for the total cure of my husband because of my disbelief. But, it had to happen this way so that I could realize that both God exists and that the Saints are alive."

I felt obliged not to keep this miracle to myself but to share it with you in the name of the Lord and the Holy Fathers.

With deep respect,




"...deciding how to operate me"

Sparti, August 2007

I am 55 years old and live in Sparti. A few days ago, while at work I felt very sick.  I was taken to hospital in Sparti where I underwent medical tests.

When the results came out, the doctor wondered where I had been all that time. He explained that my condition was grave. The lungs had fluid and I had a heart problem. He immediately sent me to Athens.

We arrived at Athens on a Saturday and on Monday I was to enter a well-known hospital. I asked my children to take me to the Monastery   on Sunday to venerate the Holy Fathers. On arriving at the yard of the Monastery, before even entering the church, I sensed a strong divine redolence. I was strongly moved. I knelt, in great awe, in front of the Holy Reliquary and prayed with all my might. I felt serene within. I felt that the Saints were going to take care of me and everything was going to be alright.

The following day I was admitted in hospital. Tests began. I was put from one medical equipment into another. In the afternoon, the doctor came to notify me. He explained to me that things were very difficult. The condition of my heart was such that surgery was not in order, but then again if I was not operated for the fluid to be removed from the lungs death was inevitable. If I were to decide for the operation to take place I had to sign and confirm that the decision was mine and that doctors and the hospital would not be held responsible for any complications.

I told him that I would go through with the surgery and that I had faith in God and the Saints. The operation was scheduled for two days later. The night before the operation, I saw in my sleep that many Monks were entering my room. The whole ward was filled with Monks. Some of the Fathers surrounded my bed and were discussing "how to operate on me". After a while, they finally decided unanimously that they had to operate. An Elderly addressed a younger Monk, and assigned to him to operate on me since he was a doctor. To my utmost dismay, he actually started operating on me. I could feel everything ...aside pain! When they were done, all the Fathers rejoiced unto the Lord and disappeared!

I immediately woke up. Tears were running from my eyes and I felt certain from within that the Fathers had healed me. The next morning, they came to take me for surgery as planned. They did two tests before, which showed that my lungs were completely clear, with no fluid. There was a state of confusion among the doctors. They redid the tests a second and a third time in case there had been some mistake. But, no. There was no mistake. My lungs were clear and I was well.

The doctors started asking for explanations. They wanted to know what had happened because they could not explain it medically. I had no choice but to reveal to them my experience. They did not really believe me so they kept me for another three days doing more examinations on me turning me into some sort of a guinea-pig. They really made me go through rough time without any results. In the end they characterized my situation as 'an extraordinary scientific fact', and they let me go.

I feel deep gratitude to the Holy Trinity and the Holy Fathers for their miracle and for saving my life.

Praise be to the Lord and His Saints. Amen.

With deep respect and gratitude,

D.S., Sparti

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