The Finding of the Holy Relics

For centuries the grave of the 179 Holy Fathers remained unknown until September of 1965 when, while carrying out renovating construction works on the floor of the interior of the main church, graves with whole relics of monks were located.

Subsequently, more graves with relics which welled with inexpressible fragrance were discovered in other parts of the floor where construction was taking place.

The effort of finding the rest of the bodies of the Holy Fathers continued, when, after some years, more bodies were discovered in an area adjacent to the main church. Consequently, the accession of the 179 Holy Martyrs of the Holy Monastery of Pantokrator to the Agiologion of the Church followed with the as of the 14th of August 1992 synodal decision of the Ecumenical Patriarchy.

Nowadays, the Holy relics are kept in a reliquary in the pronao of the main church, as well as in a special place which has been erected and prepared for this purpose next to the main church building.


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